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Hey! My name is Cameron Galbraith, and I am a full-time consultant and part-time YouTube creator based out of New York City.

I work as an Advisory Associate for KPMG in their Financial Services Regulatory & Compliance Risk group. My team focuses on ensuring consumer compliance for banks, fintechs, insurance companies, and brokers.

I have been creating YouTube videos since middle school, when my passion for sneakers led me to start posting my latest purchases and cultural thoughts. I since have morphed my channel into one that focuses on helping students get into their dream schools, land amazing internships, and overall live their most productive, fulfilling, and happy lives. I also deeply enjoy reading, personal finance, and tech, so my channel has given me the platform to share these interests as well.

Although I graduated from the University of Florida in April, I am committed to being a life-long learner. Some current topics I'm diving into include entrepreneurship, venture capital, e-commerce, higher education, and contemporary art. When I'm not working, editing, or reading, you can find me working out, biking to a new coffee shop, or wishing I was better at golf.

*The picture to the right is me with my Mom the weekend I moved into my first NYC apartment. I love her so much!




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Thomas Jefferson

"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more of it I have."


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